What is a YAP?

Young Adult Patrollers must be NSP members and or patrol candidates 15 years of age to qualify. These Young Adult Patrollers (age 15 through high school graduation) form their own special group and meet the same requirements and fulfill the same patroller training and responsibilities as other adult members of the patrol with the same skill set.

In addition to all the training and work shifts that adult patrollers participate in the YAPs receive additional training with other Young Adult Patrollers within their home Regions. This allows what might be just one or a few young patrollers at any given ski area the opportunity to work and ski with others within their own peer group. These Regional events can be single or multi-day weekend events. A second more extensive, comprehensive, and the longer event is then held at the Divisional level, known as the Annual YAP Seminar.


The Mission of the Eastern Division Young Adult Program…

​…is to provide a learning environment where young adults can develop leadership skills for success on and off the ski slopes; instill in them a desire to serve in the National Ski Patrol beyond their years as young adults, maintaining membership, and eventually assuming leadership in the National Ski Patrol as well as in their communities; all the while embracing the mission of the National Ski Patrol, “To help keep people safe on the mountain and during other outdoor activities.”

Craig Larson
Young Adult Supervisor
ph: 508-365-7540

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