The Women’s Program Mission Statement is simple:

     “To empower patrollers by advancing skills and developing leadership in a women-focused program.”


How the Eastern Division Women’s Program advances skills and develops leadership is what makes it truly innovative and FUN. In recent years the National Women’s Program has reached out to join with industry partners to become a recognized and valued collaborator with PSIA-AASI and USSA through participation in the Women’s Summit.   We also have team up annually with SheJumps.

In an effort to increase awareness of the Women’s Program nationally, the Eastern Division has led the way. We have an amazing team of women whose dedication and years of experience have broadened mentor-ship regionally and created opportunities for increased female leadership.

Women’s Program events strive to focus on both the needs of individuals and the group, in an environment designed to be both supportive and challenging. It is possible to work toward Senior, TE, Certified, or a staff position of leadership within the Women’s Program. Mentor-ship and camaraderie are at the heart of successful recruitment efforts to bring more women into patrolling.

Female membership in NSP has increased as a result of the participation and recruitment efforts from the women in the Eastern Division. The snow sports industry, as a whole, relies heavily on women to grow and sustain it, so come out and join us!

Or virtually visit us at National Ski Patrol Eastern Division Women’s Program ​on Facebook:

Kristen Russo
Women’s Supervisor
ph: 716-861-6510