The Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET) program’s mission is to create an environment of learning that elevates the skills, ability, and techniques needed to safely and efficiently transport guests to a higher level of care.

OET provides NSP members with on-snow training for skiing, riding, telemark, and toboggan handling skills. Our Instructor-Trainers and Trainer-Evaluators deliver credentialed education and leadership training at local mountains, regional clinics, and division Patroller Schools events.

Discover more about the OET Program Organization by clicking the orange tile below. The path to getting involved with the division OET program begins with becoming a Senior Patroller. Select from one of the other tiles below, and let’s get started on the journey of becoming a credentialed Ski Patroller.

Matt Nebzydoski
OET Supervisor
ph: 507-533-1281

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Eastern Division OET supervises the program and helps each individual region administrate its operation.   The program’s primary mission is to manage the certification of OET Instructors, the Instructor Trainers who manage quality assurance, continually train the TEs who evaluate examinations, and assist the Regions in their management of OET education at the local ski patrol unit level.

Eastern Division’s OET operation is made up of the Supervisor and a Steering Committee of 12 additional OET leaders assembled from around the division.  As a group, the team maintains oversight and consulting services to their respective Regions spread out throughout the northeastern US.  Reaching out to either the Supervisor or Steering Committee members local to your area can be found on the OET Contacts page.

The OET Program holds events all over the northeast, often created and managed by Regional program leaders local to your area.  Division-wide events are offered at PATROLLER SCHOOL as a way of bringing together Ski Patrollers at every level for training and a weekend of socializing.  Other special events are occasionally presented and can be found listed on the division’s Patroller School website.  For a larger list of OET Events please consult your local REGIONS website.