The National Ski Patrol (NSP) doesn’t grow patrollers, it builds them. Each patroller learns his or her skills from a certified NSP instructor. These hardworking instructors are the backbone of all NSP education programs; without them, there would be no patrollers. The skills learned in the Instructor Development Program (ID) focus on principles of adult education that are applicable to any field. The NSP is always seeking talented instructors to deliver program educational content for: OEC, OET, Avalanche, MTR, Nordic, Bike, ORM, and Instructor Development.

The Instructor Development Course is the first course for all educational programs to develop NSP instructors.  It is also one of the most popular Senior Elective courses There are two options for completing taking an Instructor Development course

Option 1: All-Day Classroom Course:

Approximately 8-hours
Check the local Region’s web page for course dates, or contact your Instructor Development Region Advisor for information.

​Option 2: Hybrid E-Course:

2-3 hours online followed by a two to three-hour face-to-face in-class session.
Locate your local Region’s Hybrid ID offering, and find the Instructor managing ID E-Course students. They will provide the free textbook, “Teaching Adult Learners,” and guide you onto the National LMS to complete the online video lectures and quizzes. After the online learning is completed, they will set up a face-to-face session to complete the experience.

Lisa Rabideau
Instructor Development Supervisor
ph: xxx

Instructor Roadmap:

This process establishes a basic flow for an NSP Patroller to follow to become an instructor. There is some flexibility with experienced instructors. Consult the Mentor, Instructor Trainer or Region Administrator if you have any questions or concerns.  Download the “Becoming an NSP Instructor” document for more details.