The Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrol is made up of over 9,500 dedicated men and women from diverse backgrounds who share the same passion and love for snowsports and want to join that passion with the ability to help or assist their fellow winter outdoor enthusiasts during their time in need.

Eastern Division’s primary leadership role within the National Ski Patrol system is to manage quality educational programs for credentialing our members as professional rescuers and emergency responders.  National Ski Patrol (NSP) has created and maintains a nationwide technician-level medical first responder certification specializing in outdoor wilderness environments.  Eastern Division supervises NSP’s various educational programs as well as the examinations that members may take for achieving Ski Patrolling’s various credentials.

Eastern Division is structured to deliver services to its fifteen separate REGIONS.  The Regions are spread out around the geographic northeastern US, between western Pennsylvania to the state of Maine in the east; and as far south as Maryland/West Virginia, up to the Canadian border.

The National Ski Patrol (NSP) was founded by Charles Minot “Minnie” Dole in 1938. Through his efforts as the first national director of the NSP, the organization spread its effects and esprit de corps across the nation. Upon his retirement in 1950, Dole had built the NSP into an organization of 4,000 members serving 300 ski patrols. During World War II, Dole was responsible for the establishment of the famed 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army. Applicants for this remarkable military unit, which saw much of its fighting activity in Italy, were screened by the NSP. Many individuals who were responsible for the establishment of ski areas in the United States served in the 10th Mountain Division and contributed significantly to the sport.

Today, the NSP is composed of more than 30,000 members serving over 650 patrols. These individuals include Alpine and Nordic Patrollers, who volunteer their time (though some are paid) throughout the United States and at certain military ski areas in Europe. The NSP has worked closely with other countries in outdoor emergency care education and has assisted in establishing patrol associations in Canada, Korea, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey, Argentina, and Chile, as well as the Victorian Rescue Service in Australia.